Industrial relations & Workplace change

There are six questions in Part A, but you are required only 3 questions only. (choose any question which one look easier for you to write). there are 2 questions in part b, but you are required to answer 1 question only..

the maximum words limit is 2600 words as i told you there are 8 question in total you have to choose 4 question. choose any 3 question from part A and one question from part b. each question word limit is 650 words please dont write more than 650 words. (make it between 600 – 650 words.

only minimal referencing is required . if there is a direct quote or close paraphrasing. citations need only be simple e.g. (Bray etal 2011. p. 178) or Purcell (1987, p . 540).

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