Individual Ethics

Pick two of the three “Individual Ethics” cases we have discussed in class (Truth and Confidences, Working for Evil, Selling Disaster). For each of the two you pick, do the following 3 things:
Explain what in your opinion is the right thing to do in this case. Answer this question by identifying which of the 8 prima facie obligations listed by Audi on p. 31 of our textbook are relevant to this particular case. (Also discuss any other obligations you think we have that might be relevant, even if they are not on Audi’s list.) Then explain which of the obligations you have identified should take priority in this case, in your opinion, and why.
What would you personally choose to do in this case? Answer this question by discussing any conflicts that arise in this case between self-interest and the ethical thing to do (as you identified it in A) above). How would you choose to resolve such conflicts, and why? (Leave any thoughts you may have about integrity as we have defined it for item 3) below.)
Explain the idea of integrity, as we have defined it in class. In your answer to B) above, did you choose to sacrifice your integrity so defined for the sake of self-interest? Do you think this idea of integrity should define how you live your life? Why or why not?.

A hard copy is due per usual in class on Monday 5/7. As always, your assignment should be written so that someone who was not in the class would understand them. Your assignment should be 2 pages long, 12-point font, double-spaced, with no more than one-inch margins all around. **Please include your name, the due date, and your section # (13190) at the top of your paper.**

Just use the Book
Audi, pp. 30-42
Robert Audi, Business Ethics and Ethical Business.

case 1 is on the picture IMG_9596.JPG and IMG_9597.JPG
cases 2 and 3 on the picture IMG_9598.JPG
Also, I uploaded a voice file from my lecture, explaining the assignment.

Thank you and sorry about the inconvenience.

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