Individual Blog Essay

As a 1250 word essay you will need to divide your word plan into Context, Introduction, Description, Analysis and Conclusion. In the analysis as you are to compare two countries (Australia and one other from the list), you must come up with criteria to compare the two countries assistance policy in order to determine which country s policy better assists the industry you are investigating “ this makes the why answer easy when you have the evidence of your criteria analysis as proof of which is best. Try to also provide a preliminary list of references in your essay plans too.

Individual Blog Essay:

There is one essay question, as follows:

Compare government assistance for industry in Australia and one other country (from the list
below), focusing on one industry (from the list below). Which assistance policy works best?

List of Countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden,Japan, Germany, France, and Spain.

List of Industries: Manufacturing; Mining; Telecommunications; Pharmaceuticals;
Agriculture; Automobile; Banking, finance or insurance; Transport (rail, road, or air);
Utilities (power, water, or gas); Textiles, clothing or footwear; Building or construction;
Fisheries; Forestry; Renewable energy; Entertainment or media; Food, beverages or
tobacco; and Investment or securities.

The above lists have been provided to enable you to select countries and industries with sufficient information to complete the assignment. Regrettably, there is no Page 8 of 13
scope for students to vary from the above lists.

Important Notice: A minimum of 10 different references is required for this essay. Be careful
using the Internet – it offers information, sometimes wildly inaccurate, while also not necessarily providing a strong critical analysis. The use of encyclopaedia-style Web sources (e.g. and is NOT acceptable at this level of study. To receive a Distinction grade or above, you will need to draw upon academic journals, texts and high-quality references, and exceed the minimum standards.

Students must submit their essays on the prescribed blog. It is also required that essays include a list of references at the end of the blog post (in alphabetical order by author surname) which is presented in the APA style.

Write in the third person for all assessment items in this unit. For example, rather than writing In this essay, I discuss , write: This essay will discuss . Writing in the third person is a formal writing skill which you must practise while undertaking this unit.

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