Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Many contemporary issues are the product of a complex interaction between social and natural processes.These processes may occur over vastly different spatial and temporal scales. It follows that many contemporary issues may appear incomprehensible or insoluble when
these interactions across space and scale are not understood, or ignored.
The Task
In this essay choose a contemporary environmental issue from the list below and analyse it from a geographical perspective. Specifically,demonstrate awareness that many contemporary environmental issues are the product of both social and natural phenomena. You should explain the natural processes that frame social action, and how those social actions interact with natural processes to create positive or negative social or environmental outcomes. Evidence of a capacity to think
across the boundaries between the natural and social sciences in Geography will be
rewarded. We want you to demonstrate what thinking geographically means in both
concept and practice.
Choose one of the following topics:
River regulation in the Murray-Darling River basins
Dryland soil salinisation in New South Wales
Acid Sulfate soils in South Australia
Population growth in Mexico City
Population growth in Sydney
2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
NSW Coastal planning and sea level change

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