Implementation of a CRM System Custom Essay

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Because most of order #2287671 is a rewrite and you will mainly be changing the pretense from (What I plan to do) to (This is what I did) I believe most of the paper will be deplicated which is ok. Also you presentented a good discussion as to the benefits to be realized as deliverables from the implementation of a CRM System; however, additional details are required. For example, an enhanced discussion may be presented as to the testing effort (e.g., test case/test suites), verification and validation procedures, documentation (e.g., management reports), and user and technical manuals. These items may be explored as deliverables and presented as a discussion in this Capstone Project phase. This Capstone Project will consist of a formal report (suggested length of 25–50 pages). In this report you will elaborate upon the components of your proposal and explain the actual development of your project. A. Cover Sheet: Provide a cover sheet for your project that includes the following elements: a. Project name b. Your name c. Your degree program d. Your mentor’s name B. Introduction: Provide a summary of the actual development of your project. 1. Include a precise description of your project. 2. Include an expanded discussion of your review of other work done in the area. 3. Include an expanded discussion of your Rationale and Systems Analysis for the project. C. Project Goals and Objectives: Review the list of the goals and objectives of your project and explain why you did or did not accomplish them. D. Project Timeline: Explain why you did or did not meet the timeframes set for your project. E. Project Development: Explain what your project actually accomplished. Explain each of the following: 1. Problems encountered and how they were solved 2. Reasons for changes made to your original plan 3. Unanticipated requirements or components that needed to be resolved 4. Actual and potential effects of your project 5. Your conclusions about the success and effectiveness of your project F. Additional Deliverables: Include any additional deliverables necessary to document and explain your project development. Possible deliverables are: • Appendices • Charts, tables, and graphs please include • Reference list • Technical IT product itself Note: If you actually built a product for your project, you should provide the actual product and a user manual or other comparable documentation. G. Demonstrated Competencies: Fill in the attached “Capstone Competency Matrix” to demonstrate which competencies you used for your project. In the explanation section: 1. Explain how the development of your Capstone Project demonstrated your competency in each of the following areas: a. Leadership and Professionalism b. Upper Division Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving c. Language and Communication d. Quantitative Literacy 2. Information Technology Competency: Explain how the development of your Capstone Project demonstrated your technology competency in at least one of the following areas: • Software • Networks • IT Management • Project Management • Security • Databases H. APA Style: Format your paper and all references in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Fifth Edition. This includes, but is not limited to, overall document and text formatting, citations and references, table of contents, heading, tables and figures, appendices, etc.

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