Impact On The Ecosystem

Over the five (5) weeks course, you will come to understand how living things are ordered in biomes and ecosystems; the organization and interactions within biological communities and the connection between biological and geological processes; as well as the impact you, the general population and your community have upon a given ecosystem.
For your assignment you will need to:
1. Identify and evaluate an ecosystem of interest within your local area.
o As part of your evaluation, you are to integrate the principles and key learning you have acquired as they relate to the identifiable organisms, soil content and possible contaminants, energy flow, habitats and niches that exist within this particular ecosystem.
2. Discuss the biodiversity or lack of diversity within your ecosystem.
3. Discuss possible reasons for the lack of diversity such as atmospheric pollution, weather catastrophe, climate changes or man-made influences. Discuss what measures are being taken locally to preserve biodiversity, remediate and protect these areas.
4. What considerations should or need to be taken into account with respect to the ecosystem and biodiversity.

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