Identify and Evaluate Company Corporate Strategy

(1) Identify and evaluate company corporate strategy.
(2) In view of the opportunities and risks you see in the industry, what is your assessment of the company s position and strategy?
(3) How would you size up the strategic situation of company ? (
4) What recommendation would you make to company top management?
(5) What specific functions and activities does the company have to perform especially well in order for its strategyto succeed?

6-Alternatively, you may be asked to do a comprehensive written case analysis. It is
typical for a comprehensive written case analysis to emphasize four things:
1. Identification
2. Analysis and evaluation
3. Discussion of alternatives
4. Presentation of recommendations

Swot analysis with suggestion of what to look for :

No clear strategic direction?
Obsolete facilities?
Lack of managerial depth and talent?
>Missing any key skills or competencies?
Poor track record in implementing strategy?
Falling behind in R&D?
Too narrow a product line?
Weak market image?
Below-average marketing skills?
Unable to finance needed changes in strategy?

Adequate financial resources?
Well thought of by buyers?
An acknowledged market leader?
Well-conceived functional area strategies?
Access to economies of scale?
Insulated (at least somewhat) from strong competitive
Plagued with internal operating problems? Pressure?
Cost advantages?
Product innovation abilities?
Proven management?

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