Identify and discuss the key issues raised by globalisation.

Short essay

Due Date: (a) 26 March, (b) 1 May

Length: 700 words + student checklist sheet (available on Moodle)

Weight: 20%

Assignment 4 consists of two parts. For this assignment, you will submit a 700-word essay on globalisation. You have already covered some of the readings for this essay in assignment 3. Once you have submitted your assignment it will be marked and you will receive feedback on your work. You will then be required to address all the elements of the feedback and resubmit the improved version of the essay. The final mark for this essay will be the mark you get for the second draft.

Please note that you have to address ALL the comments in the feedback in order to get a mark for the improved essay. Failure to do so will result in the mark 0 (Zero) for the improved essay.

This will provide you with an opportunity to gradually build your skills for the completion of the final essay for this and other units, and to be continuously assessed throughout the semester. By having your assignment marked twice, you will gain a more complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your academic and English language skills, and professional areas of expertise.
Essay Question:

Identify and discuss the key issues raised by globalisation.

Assignment 4 will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Relevance of the answer to the question set
Demonstrated ability to argue your case based on the evidence/ideas you cite
Demonstrated ability to use material critically in order to promote independent thinking on the assignment question
Demonstrated ability to construct a coherent argument
Demonstrated ability to express your ideas clearly and succinctly and in logical sequence, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, academic style, and sentence structure
Written expression, literacy, style and presentation are taken into account in the marking


Please note the following format requirements for written assignments in this Unit:

All submitted assignments must be word-processed using 1.5 or double spacing.
Use Times New Roman or Arial fonts
Print text in 11 or 12 point font size.
Leave margins of 3-4 cm at the top, bottom, and sides.
Use A4 paper and number pages consecutively throughout the assignment, in the upper right corner, or centred at the top.
Attach a title page that includes your name, student number, course code, the assignment question and word count. (e.g. FNDN300; Assignment 4) and the name of the Unit Coordinator
Edit your work carefully including for punctuation, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction, and referencing.
Use APA Referencing Style and avoid lengthy quotations from sources.

Word limits

You are required to comply with word limits. They encourage conciseness, and they also provide a good indicator of the depth to which you are expected to go. You are, of course, not expected to achieve exactly the required length and a 10% leeway on either side is acceptable.
Referencing written work

Ensure that all references cited in your assignment are listed in a reference list, where they should be listed alphabetically in order of authors’ surnames. All sources (including books, journal articles and websites) should be listed together, not in separate sections.

Please consult ASO fact sheets on matters of referencing, quotation, paraphrasing and so on.

At least two references from internet.

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