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Canadian Tire

Subject: Reimbursement for taken course
Dear Mr Dave,
I am writing to seek reimbursement of $1200 for a period of two month for taking a course in foundation of academic writing. I have paid this amount because I wanted to respond to your memo that circulated in all the company”s departments about developing customer service.
Reaching customer satisfaction is one of the top majors for our company”s policy. As technical writing is an important and effective part for customer service representative, I have taken the course in Academic Writing for the following reasons:
To perform more efficient with customers.
To write a new version of the company”s user manual instead of the costly outsourced one.
To reduce the company”s monthly expenses which it is one of the majors in company”s policy.
To add value to the products and reduce the cost of customer support.
To write the considered and important documents for customers and suppliers.
To provide a context to products and processes, and allows them to be used safely and as specified.
To assure customers that products are safe and all documents that issued by the company are precise.
To present complex information about the company and its products in simple way to a broad audience.
To avoid hidden cost of poor writing when the company communicates with either customer or suppliers such as reputation.
Finally, I am looking forward to be notified that the reimbursement will shows up in the coming payment.


Comments that may need to concern

1. [CM1]Incorrect formatting
2. Canadian Tire is placed in the wrong place
3. Place Canadian tire in the to segment of the memo
4. Review memo writing in the technical communication textbook
5. [CM2]Improper formatting
6. The word memorandum must be fully capitalized
7. Capitalize this word
8. Review memo writing in the technical communication textbook
9. [CM3]Inproper format
10. The heading is typed out incorrectly. There is no need for dashed lines
11. Delete the dashed lines
12. Review memo writing in the technical communication textbook
13. [CM4]Incorrect formatting
14. There is no need to address the person you are writing to as dear.
15. Delete this and just start the memo
16. Review memo writing in the technical communication textbook
17. [CM5]Incorrect formatting
18. There should only be two paragraphs in this memo and the reasons as to why you need reimbursement should be explicitly added and visible.
19. You only need 3 reasons, so use your strongest arguments and make sure its in the pargraph , reasons conclusion format
20. Review the technical communication memo section
21. [1]-missing capitalisation
22. -capitalise a proper noun if it is a name of a school, or course…
23. -use “Foundations of Academic Writing”
24. -see LBCH page 288
26. [2]-missing article
27. -you must use the singular form of the subject or pluralise it
28. -use “a customer service representative” or “customer service representatives”
29. -see LBCH page 159
31. [3]-missing comma
32. -use comma to separate two independent clauses
33. -place a comma after “expenses”
34. -see LBCH page 249
36. [4]-use plural form of word
37. -the plural form of the word allow is “allow” and the singular form is “allows”
38. -since your sentence is in plural form use “allow”
39. -see LBCH 281
41. [5]-missing word
42. -you must use the word “are” to specify that the phrase is direct
43. -place “are” before “issued”
44. -see LBCH page 281

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