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Please write a 4-5 page (1200-1500 words), researched, informed opinion essay. You should check your essay for spelling and grammar. You may receive help with your essay through the Instructor of this class, the Writing Center, and the Library. You should make sure that you have used citations and references correctly. While I do not grade based on spelling and grammar, or style sheet issues, if your paper is hard to understand because it is poorly written, I will take off points. If it is incomprehensible to me, I will assign it a zero. I do not grade your paper on the opinion, but on how well you present it, how well you research the issue, and how well you defend it. Please follow the Academic Honesty Guidelines. If I detect plagiarism, or any form of academic dishonesty, I will issue a zero on this paper. Please remember that it easier to do the job right than it is to cheat.


The US has had budget problems for years. It is hard to trace any one root, but politics is more of the problem than economics or finance. Simply put, people want the budget balanced, but not by cutting their own special programs or by paying more taxes. Politicians have been winning re-election for years by “kicking the can down the road.” Literally, they give citizens more programs, cut their taxes and pay for all this by running deficits that have now accumulated into a 15 trillion dollar national debt. If you add the shortfalls that exist in various programs such as SS and Medicare, the total can reach $40 trillion dollars.

But all of this comes at a price. Just like a family living on credit cards, the interest keeps increasing and eventually the credit tap dries up. The US government is still not quite at this place, but it is heading towards this. And since financial, monetary and economic problems compound and reinforce each other, the future demands a fairly quick solution.

First, read and research the issue (Make sure that you are getting the latest information). Then briefly state and outline the problem. Second, briefly outline the issue as the major players (political parties, think tanks, politicians ) see the problem. Give all sides–not just one. Third, tell me what’s right and wrong about what they are saying. Finally, tell me what you would do to solve the problem. Remember that this isn’t a research paper–but you need to do some research! All I want you to do is become familiar with the issue and be able to discuss it in an intelligent manner. REMEMBER THAT I’M HERE TO HELP YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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