HURRICANES (this is an 85% completed research paper)

This is research paper about hurricanes. i have a completed research paper which needs some additions and formatting issues. the paper needs a letter of transmittal, abstract, table of contents, table of figures. like i said the paper is 85% finished. however i just realized that the professor needs it to be single spaced which means i need a little bit more material. the good thing, all the research is done and attached is reference material + sample research paper+ other reference to help you. please keep in mind our professor wants it to look like a professional research paper, and he focused very much on the formatting especially the headings for each section.

1- stages of a hurricane (because there is not much detail about them)
2- I am missing a section of how hurricanes are named
3- separating the five categorizes and expanding a little on each
4- expanding the conclusion

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