750 word report using the following 2 topics and discuss their impact on you and how they enlightened your views. Give examples and discuss how your perspective has changed.

Conclude with a short summary of the 2 topics and then state how the class of humanities has given you a better understanding of what humanities is all about and how it has given you a new interest to pursue attending more museums, performances, or learning about other religions.

Janaro, R.P. & Altshuler, T.C.() The Art of Being Human (10th ed.)

1st topic is about a visit to the Islamic Da wah Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

The following comments are my thoughts on the visit use some of it but make it only less than one page.

My views were that I was very intrigued by the history of the building. This is an old bank built in 1928. In 1994, Hakeem Olajuwon purchased the property to turn the building into an Islamic Educational Center. They did not remodel the building they restored the building back to its original state with a few modification. The area where they meet to here speakers and pray was beautiful. The room is an old lobby of an historic bank. The room is very large with a cathedral ceiling. The walls and ceiling where made of marble this gave the room an extravagant look. The atmosphere we were in was causal, however I think you could dress formal and not feel out of place. I think we were more quite due to the setting that we were in. I felt comfortable and our guide was friendly and informative. The most enjoyable part of tour was learning about the Islamic religion. It has helped me to be more open to this culture. The media really has spent a lot of time advertising this religion as being violent. Violence is not considered part of this religion. They believe any harm done to anyone is not acceptable. If they do harm someone they believe all the rewards for good deeds they have done in the past will be given to the one they harmed. The way they get to heaven is based on good deeds. They believe there will be a judgment day and each one us will stand before God and our good deeds will be measured against our harm we have caused others. This will be the final determination if we go to heaven or hell. This religion is considered strong in their faith to be devoted to pray five times a day every day. Each time they pray they all face the same directions. This experience has really help open my mind up to the different religious viewpoints. I really believed they suppressed the female women of their culture; however, the guidelines they follow are simply to help maintain integrity and keep the women safe. The really view their women as sacred not less than. I am truly grateful I took the opportunity to participate in this tour.

2nd topic should be about the movie Frida “ I have no comments so feel free to comment as you wish and make it less than one page to allow room for the conclusion.

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