Human Rights

3. Should Human Rights be understood as universal concepts, or are they culturally relative? Use one or two specific examples to develop your argument

Students will write a 1500 word essay . This task requires you to identify key issues and engage with these through the critical analysis of relevant sources and examples (these must always be fully and accurately referenced). In addition to e-reserve material and lecture notes you must find additional, credible sources of information. Your job is to draw on, and to critically assess, the various ideas presented in these sources in order to build a convincing argument in your essay. Essays will be workshopped in the first part of the term, but you are strongly advised to also make an appointment with the Academic Skills Program for advice on your final draft.

The essay should be 1.5 spaced and set out in paragraphs. It must be submitted to the Moodle drop box by 5pm on Friday, Week 12 (January 6th). Essays submitted after this will incur a late penalty of 5% per day (including weekend days) unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as illness, for which a medical certificate (or other relevant documentation) is provided .

Assessment criteria (all criteria are weighted equally)

Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the topic
Correct and complete referencing
Extent and relevance of research
Critical evaluation of the material
Coherence of the argument
Clarity and precision of written expression

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