Human Resources Management (HRM) Unit 5 IP- Career Planning & Development

Your presentation to the college students was very successful and you have been asked to return to help those students prepare for their first real job opportunity as college graduates. Many of the students are adult learners who have been in the workforce for many years and are now changing their career. Your goal is to help them get ready to make a presentation to prospective employers. You model for the students what you have in mind.

Prepare a professional portfolio that includes the following:

A professional one page resume summary that highlights key achievements, work experience and education.
Research and complete one self-assessment tool that will help you match your skills to different types of employment, include the results in your portfolio.
A one page career ladder that outlines key career moves, goals for timeframes to achieve each career move and a final terminal career position.
A legacy statement, written as a retirement notice that outlines the key achievements and contributions to your profession and to others that you reached during your long and lustrous career.

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