Human Resource Management – Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy (Case Study) custom essay

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Your task is to prepare a report for Lee on the potential effectiveness of her cash reward and structured interview programs. Make certain it is in the form of a professional business document that you’d actually give to an experienced manager at this level of a fairly large corporation. Lee is very smart when it comes to managing finances and running a plumbing business, but she won’t necessarily know about the organizational behavior principles you’re describing. Because any new proposals must be passed through top management, you should also address their concerns about cost containment. You’ll need to make a strong evidence-based financial case that changing the management style will benefit the company.

When you write, make sure you touch on the following points:

1. Although it’s clear employees are not especially satisfied with their work, do you think this is a reason for concern? Does research suggest satisfied workers are actually better at their jobs? Are any other behavioral outcomes associated with job satisfaction?

– If yes, justify it why
-research – company result & other sources
-behavioral – Loyalty, absenteeism, stress

2. Using job characteristics theory, explain why the present system of job design may be contributing to employee dissatisfaction. Describe some ways you could help employees feel more satisfied with their work by redesigning their jobs.

– feedback, job identity, job significant (job characteristic theory) – main idea (based on theory only)

3. Lee has a somewhat vague idea about how to implement the cash rewards system. Describe some of the specific ways you would make the reward system work better, based on the case.

-direct financial compensation – allocation – position & amount (based on own opinion) purely on CASH

4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using financial incentives in a program of this nature. What, if any, potential problems might arise if people are given money for achieving customer satisfaction goals? What other types of incentives might be considered?

-Disadvantages combine with potential problem (eg. without money, worker will not be interested)
-Other types equivalent to benefits

5. Create a specific plan to assess whether the reward system is working. What are the dependent variables that should change if the system works? How will you go about measuring success?

– specific plan combination of direct financial & benefits (Q3+Q4)
Apart from customer satisfaction – other variable (employee’s satisfaction, profit, etc)
-Measurement: Facts: Percentage of improvement

6. What types of hiring recommendations would you make to find people better suited for these jobs? Which Big Five personality traits would be useful for the customer service responsibilities and emotional labor?

– Structure interview programs – standardized method
-give some method
– BIG FIVE personality trait – customer service responsibility & emotional labour (Theory)
– Openess = willing to listen to customer & employees complaint

Additional info:
1) Please read the file given upom answering the question
1) Paragraph without numbering
2) Different question in a different paragraph
3) No introduction needed

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