Human Resource Management Portfolio

Students will individually develop and submit an HRM portfolio focused upon a particular job within
an organisation of their choice. The purpose of the Portfolio is to:

1-critically evaluate the issue of job analysis and design and consider the importance of this issue
for the sustainability of an organisation

2-demonstrate understanding of the purpose of job descriptions and their connection to

3. develop skills in the writing of job descriptions and job advertisements
The development of an HRM Portfolio provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop
their practical HRM skills within the context of scholarly knowledge.

Definition of a ‘Portfolio’: Simply speaking a portfolio is a ‘set of pieces of creative work collected by
someone to display their skills’ ( and knowledge. In the context of this assignment
the Portfolio is a collection of pieces of work structured according to the sections listed below:

Section 1: (Max 450 words)
This is an introductory section in which you must:
a) Explain the nature of the job to be examined and briefly describe the organisation in which it is
b) Outline the strategic importance of the job to the organisation
NB: You may choose to base your portfolio on a real job in an organisation you are familiar with or
you may develop your own fictitious job and organization.

Section 2: (approx 1350 words)
In this section you must:
a) Write a job analysis plan detailing the method you would use to conduct an analysis of your
chosen job.
b) Provide a rationale for the method chosen in part a) (Remember to refer to appropriate literature
and theory).
c) Answer the following: What is the link, if any, between job analysis and design and sustainability
of an organisations’ human resources?

Section 3: (approx 1350 words – parts a) and b) not included in the word count)
In this section you must:
a) Provide a position description for this job.
b) Write an advertisement for this job based on the position description.
c) Explain where you would place this advertisement and provide a rationale for this choice
(Remember to refer to appropriate literature).
d) Answer the following: How useful are job descriptions in modern workplaces?

Each of these sections requires evidence of analysis using relevant theory and demonstrating
understanding of the key issues. Referencing to appropriate literature is essential.
Portfolios should be simply presented. Large, bulky assignments will not be accepted: no plastic
sleeves and no ring binders please. Single sided, 1.5 spacing and 12 font. A cover sheet with your
name, student number and class time must be attached to the front of your portfolio.

at the end please make sure that you use simple English which suits overseas student

thank you

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