“Required to identify a specific Human Resource Managament issuse in your organisation (can be fictional) and develop a proposal that includes the following:

1.Background information on the issue.
2.An explanation of what you think needs improvement and why the change is required.
3.Benifits you plan to acheive”

Text reference: Noe,R.A. Hollenbeck J.R. Gerhart,B & Wright P.M. 2010 7TH edition
Human Resources Management – Gaining a Competitive Advantage McGraw-Hill Irwin New York

My suggestions for the issue to be discussed could be Performance management system (or lack of)
Or Staff retention (both volantary and involantary) OR Appraisal system with rewards / punishment / promotion

These are just suggestions, would like some one with a strong HR background, PLEASE. Total word count around 1500

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