human resource management

Assignment Instructions
Preferred language style: English (U.K.) the Assessment Review Report 40% – maximum 2,500 words (500 + 2000) Part A & Part B, When I finish part A I”ll send it to the lecture to give me comments and after then I will complete part B. The assignment Learning outcomes 1 and 2 Recognise the strategic advantage to be attained through effective HR management planning and implementation and, Understand the application of systems models to HR management activities You are to choose an article from the list provided in class and read that article, then complete a template (in Blackboard) and post your analysis of the paper in the Discussions Tool in Blackboard. You are then to research the topic/area covered by your chosen article more fully. You are to use recent (published since 2006), relevant, refereed literature to write an applied literature review providing the opportunity for you to develop a deep understanding of your chosen topic. A minimum of 10 refereed articles should be used, 7 of which should have been published since 2006. First part ( A ) I need an answer for a question from the article around 500 word i have attached the article and the 4 questions to complete the answer for the question

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