Think about the organisation where you currently work (if you do not currently have a job, think of an organisation where you have worked or would like to work) and identify a major challenge the organisation is likely to face in the future. Use the CHRM decision-making framework (Hartel & Fujimoto, 2010, pp. 14-27) to assess the situation, verify whether or not this is an actual problem, and if so determine how it would best be addressed.

Students will be marked on the quality of their analysis and demonstrated ability to apply their understanding of the theories and concepts to the organisation and its environment and issues. An understanding of the link between theory and practice is therefore a key element. Students will be required to draw on the theories and concepts presented in the course and to access and use a wide variety of materials from relevant academic journals as well as relevant organisation website/documentation. Students are expected to support their analysis with reference to the literature and a minimum of 8 academic/refereed references will be required for the assignment. AGPS Harvard referencing or APA style is accepted, however you must be consistent throughout your document. Your assignment should not exceed 1,500 words (+/“ 10%)

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