Huey Long custom essay

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History 307 – It is broken up into 3 parts.
Final Essay for 30 points:
Part 1: Based on information from the text , lecture, and documentary, and
readings on the HISTORIOGRAPHY of Huey Long, discuss the enigmatic Huey Pierce
Long. In your essay, be sure to include a brief background of Long, his
platform, political stratagies, and accomplishments, plans for the White house,
and his domestic plan for relief from the great depression,, and his
assasination, etc. In doing so, mention historiographical works naming
historians offering different interpretations to Longs place in history. Start
this with something like “At the “beggining”…

Part 2: In “The Enigma of Huey Long” Hugh Davis Graham dispels common myths
about Huey P. Long, List a few and how Graham dispels them.

Part 3. In Edward F. Hass’ “Huey Pierce Long and Historical Speculation,” Haas
speculates about Long’s future political life had he not been assasinated. What
does he write about this, also, how does he view Longs chances of winnings the
presidency and in what historical context does he arrive at his conclusion.

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