Assignment 1 ——ESSAY
Length: 500 words (including in-text citations and quotes but not including references).

Strategic business and people management issues confronting organizations
After interviewing a human resource manager with responsibility for strategic HR issues, provide a report summarizing the key business issues and people management issues faced by that organization. Are the business issues and people management issues related? If so, how?
(If you cannot find an organization to interview, use the organization in the case study.)
This question should be assessed on the following criteria:
1. Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of the concept of strategic HR (particularly in contrast to operational HR)?
2. Does the essay show an understanding of the relationship between the business context and the HR context of the organization?
This assignment does not have a prescribed minimum number of citations. However:
ï¹’Ideas, facts and concepts that are not your own need to be acknowledged.
ï¹’Students need to demonstrate that they understand the concepts of the course as outlined in course material, the course textbook and readings.
ï¹’Googling is not a useful research method unless you thoroughly understand the course material.
ï¹’Relying on textbooks from other courses, particularly generic textbooks like Stone, Kreitner and Kinicki, Davidson et al or Shields with no recognition of this course textbook or readings suggests that the student does not understand the core concepts of this course. You will be marked accordingly.

References should use Harvard and 2-3 references should be ok in this essay.

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