how well do you think Arawang Primary School performed

this assignment is under Organisational Performance unit

school name :Arawang Primary School, Waramanga, ACT 2611

(note)please use this perspective: structural/scientific view to understand the performance of this school.

assignment task and guide:

-Your report will explain how well you think your school performed as an organisation. That
is, the question your report will explore and answer is based on what you have learnt this
semester about organisational performance, how well do you think your school performed?
You will need to think and plan out how you think your report should be structured, and
identify sources of information to help you in your task.

-Remember to relate your ideas back to the theories you have discussed.

-You must have an introduction, body which answers the question on how well you think your school has performed and a conclusion.

-In preparing your report you should be referring to at least 5 other sources drawn from
lectures, readings and your own research, as well as the Myschool site.

NAPLAN results test which been viewed on myschoolsite helps in understanding school preformance.

-any diagrams, illustrations or tables included should be labelled and suitably referenced.

-You may include the use of subheadings.

– important site to be used inorder to get school data:

Arawang Primary School page on myschool site:

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