How to reduce the traffic jam in some main road in Riyadh.

Generic Project Management Assignment Advice
With your chosen project scenario, you should:

1.Briefly describe the initial situation for your chosen scenario, i.e. establish a baseline for the rest of the coursework

2.Create a project plan that:

a.Assesses the business case for the project

b.Selects and applies appropriate project planning and management tools

c.Provides a monitoring and control structure

d.Includes a risk reduction plan

3.Scholarship Issues. Include the following sections:

a.Introduction – see

b.Discussion – see

c.Conclusion – see

d.References/Bibliography – see
·I’m after a “story”, something like:

·Here is a situation … (academic introduction and business case)

·Here are some tools/techniques that suit the situation (project management tools/techniques, monitoring & control techniques, risk management techniques)

·This is what is good/bad about those techniques (author A says, this; author B says that)

·This is how you apply the techniques to the situation (explained diagrams of the project with fishbone, WBS, Gantt chart, EVM, Risk Management etc)

·This is what is good/bad/could be improved (discussion section) (This can be separate or embedded within relevant sections)

·Here are my conclusions

· Here are my references (as per Harvard Referencing Guide)

The bits in bold above are important. I’m much more interested in your selection and application of the given technique than I am about lots of detail showing its usage. The project should be just “grist for the mill”.
Some ideas:
Why not structure the assignment like:
·Academic Introduction – write this after everything else
.Business Case – justify the project with both narrative and add some SPM techniques, e.g. fishbone. There needs to be a justification for “doing” the project
·Tools & Techniques – consider core PM techniques; e.g. Gantt Chart, WBS etc. Provide some narrative description of the technique being used and more “evaluation” of how and why the technique is being applied, i.e. what it is; key authors; advantages/disadvantages; why it is being used in this particular project
·Monitoring & Control –consider EVM (doesn’t matter if you don’t “do” EVM as long as you say why). Look again at M&C lecture notes; try to use something from there.
·Risk Mitigation – look at Barker & Cole technique in Risk Management lecture and apply it to the project
·Academic Conclusion – write this after everything else
Don’t forget the PM tools & techniques & Monitoring & Control sections are both +50% weighted. This means that you should concentrate your effort on these sections (because they can earn you the most marks). In these sections, you need to show that you can “select” (i.e. research and justify) as well as “apply” (show that you can “do” the given technique).
To meet the module learning objectives, it isn’t enough to just say that this is the correct technique. You have to explain why and then demonstrate how to use it. You also need to be aware (that is, explain to the reader) of any limitations of the technique. Again, in an academic assignment, we are not trying to “do” the job, we are seeing what the writer “understands’ about the topic

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