How to Educate for Sustainable Communities

Assessment Item 2

Critical evaluation of Community Environmental Education Framework
How to Educate for Sustainable Communities: Using the either the issue addressed in assessment item 1 or an issue relevant to your community; decide on a focus audience/ community and an educational strategy that you would use to enhance understanding and promote action/ behaviour change in the community with regard to that issue.

Justify you choice of approach by critically analysing your proposed approach in terms of principles of EfS, participation, communication and facilitation.

Length: 2500 – 3000 words

Weighting: 50%
Essay Assessment Criteria

Essays will be assessed according to the following key criteria:
1. knowledge and comprehension,
2. critical analysis and evaluation, and
3. communication and referencing.

Specific components of each of these criteria for the assessment items are listed below.
1. Knowledge & Comprehension
Full coverage of the topic/question
Comprehensive knowledge of issues illustrated by the selection, presentation and understanding of relevant information
Comprehensive coverage of the relevant literature

2. Critical Analysis & Evaluation
Topic dealt with in depth
Logically developed argument
Evidence of wide and critical reading
Critical use of evidence and examples to support claims and conclusions
Emphasis on explanation and analysis not description

3. Communication & Referencing
Well structured writing using introduction, body and conclusion
Fluent and succinct writing style
Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
Reasonable word length
Effective use and citation of figures, tables and illustrations
Correct and consistent in-text references
Correct and consistent presentation and punctuation of reference list

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