How illness has the potential to challenge or undermine a person’s sense of embodiment” custom essay

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What new insights have you gained from the readings and movie that you have chosen in relation to the illness experience? movie watched was “the barbarian invasions” looking at euthanasia, how people percieve their life after being told they have a terminal illness.
Part B: (Essay) Following the online discussion, develop further and expand upon any insights you have gained through studying the written and audiovisual materials in this unit to discuss the following;
“How illness has the potential to challenge or undermine a person’s sense of embodiment”
marking criteria:
Part B: Expresses a first person perspective to describe, reflect analytically and evaluate experiences and concepts relevant to the topic
Demonstrates understanding of how key themes presented in the unit relate to the topic, showing shifts in knowledge and development of new understandingsEvidence of critique of the literature and shows evidence of wider self-directed reading and research beyond the unit resources
Writes clearly and succinctly in an appropriate academic style (presenting work in accordance with SNM Presentation of Assignments guidelines) with correct referencing (SNM Harvard Author-Date system in MyLO)
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