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This assessment activity is to compile a service experience report based on two specific critical service experiences (Two Blogs below). This report will focus on the last three learning outcomes stated above. Refer to the ?Services marketing experiential learning activity? document for details on this area. The purpose of this learning activity is designed to help you understand customer expectations, and why as consumers we are sometimes satisfied or dissatisfied with the service experience. Through documenting and then analysing and evaluating service experiences, particularly in reference to the theories, concepts, tools and techniques of service marketing, you should begin to discover what is truly needed to satisfy customers. Based on these experiences and other primary research, you will be in a position to formulate a marketing plan aimed at improving customer service. A report that documents your analysis and evaluation of critical service points/theme in the service encounters that are informed by services marketing theory and concepts. The outcome of the report is the formulation of a marketing plan aimed at improving customer service. This assessment will help you attain the following learning outcomes:  Appraise a service encounter and document ?critical service? points in a services marketing context;  Analyse and critically evaluate ?critical service? points/theme experienced in service encounters from theoretical and conceptual services marketing perspectives;  Reflect on the service evaluation and market analysis, and formulate a marketing plan aimed at improving customer service; and  Communicate information in a professional and effective manner in written formats. Blog 1: An Airline Trip It was an airline trip experience in the period of length of leave before this semester. I could remember that trip clearly which is from Brisbane to Guangzhou directly by China Southern Airway Company and will never that flight again. There was no special when Cherry and I checked in after my sister saw us off. Then we found a peaceful place to wait the airplane in Brisbane airport lounge. Around 8:30 am, we were to aboard this moment, an unpleasant voice came out through the speaker ?Dear passengers, flight CZ382, flight CZ382 delayed takeoff half an hour, please wait around gate 8; Dear passengers, flight CZ382, flight CZ382 delayed takeoff half an hour, please wait around gate 8.? So Cherry and I decided to go shopping to pass time. She bought a bottle Taylor red wine and a bottle Jack Daniel?s whiskey. I was seeking for a Sisley eye cream, but there no Sisley brand counters. Half an hour later, 9:00, we got in the airplane when the airplane should take off at that time. Another half an hour later, the airplane was taking off. I was trying to get sleep, but I couldn?t because of the narrow and small space. During the trip, there were several points that make me feel disappointed. First, the meal was unpalatable, what was more serious was that the fruits were losing freshness. Second, when a passenger besides me asked for a cup of water, the airhostess yelled at him ?Wait!? unexpectedly. And more than 10 minutes passed form I turned the message call, no airhostess came and asked until I turned it off by myself. Third, when I bought a carton of duty free cigarettes, the price marked USD 19.00. But they determined asked for AUD 20.00. In fact, the price should less than AUD 19.00, because the currency was 0.99 AUD per USD on 3rd Mar. After the 9 hours trip, I was very disappointed by China Southern Airway Company. Not only because of the space was cramped. The point was the airhostesses were too coolness as an international flight. The AUD 1,100 airway trip service even couldn?t better than an AUD 100 restaurant service. As a result, I won?t take this Airway Co. flight again. And they were not only lose a customer, they were losing many customers who unpleasant their service. Blog 2: Another Airline Trip A few months ago, I had an international airway trip from PVG Shanghai to Changi Airport Singapore by Singapore Airlines. The high quality service was impressed me deeply. The world?s second best service quality airline is really worthy of the name. Once I boarded on the airplane, stewardess gave me a warm welcome. And there were several points satisfied me what were better than other airlines I ever had tripped with. First, the plane had a spacious plane space and comfortable seats. One or two inches of leg room was being increased difference from other airplanes. So I could open my laptop all the wan and able to cross my legs comfortably. And the sidewalk was enough wide for me to pulling a suitcase. Second, each stewardess did the rescue exercise responsible. I didn?t know whether the specially designed Malay style uniforms or the stewardess? graceful bodies attracted me, I couldn?t remove my eyes on them. Seriously, rescue exercise was an essential procedure. It could save our lives in case of accident. Third, the stewardesses were beautiful and their service was with passion. When I pressed the service button, they would always come and asked me what I need at the first time with a passionate smile and served me quickly. Compare with the South China Airway, nobody came and asked me even the service button pressed even ten minutes passed. I satisfied with their friendly service passion. Fourth, the meals were extremely rich. They served us two regular meals at the first hour and last hour during the 6 hours trip. In the 9 hour trip by South China Airway, they only provided one meal and one sandwich. What?s more, religious meal, medical meal and infant and child meal was available if you book 24 hours before. As a result, we landed on time as we took off on time. It was the most pleasant trip I ever had. With high satisfaction, I recommend you choose Singapore Airlines? flight in the future.

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