Hornsby NSW Heritage Report

(Local Heritage – Hornsby Shire Council, Sydney)

Discover the heritage of your local community through this project. It is worth 50% of the assessment, and is due on 10 February .
Your project should be about 2000 words. It should not be less. It should not be more than 2,500 words. It may be written in essay or report format.
Your assignment should be submitted electronically to Turnitin, then a hard copy should be handed into the assignment box in Building EI, School of Humanities and Languages (Humanities and Communication Arts).

Your task:
Select a heritage item in your local area (anywhere within the hornsby shire council please). Prepare a report for a visitor from overseas discussing why this heritage item is important to the local community and why its preservation will benefit the community in the future.

Issues that you might cover:
A background history of the district and how it has changed (Heritage themes may be helpful)

The specific history of the place “ what is it, where is it, who owned/lived/used it, when did they use it, how has it changed and why is it important now.

Any community views about its importance; debates about retaining it; ways it might be used in the future. The views of the local community about its significance may be different to the views of people who live elsewhere in NSW.

How will future members of the community learn about the heritage of this item eg publications about its history, plaques, heritage trails?
Ways to approach this assignment

1. Select the heritage item from the list for your local government area on the Heritage Branch State Inventory. It there is no information on the inventory, follow the steps below. If there is information, you will still need to find out community views about it through local sources.

2. Check your local council s web site for further information about the heritage item and about how the council manages heritage in its area.

3. Visit your local council library to see if there is information such as histories, reports or newspaper clippings about the site. (this isn’t essential so dont worry if you cant do this one thanks)

4. Search internet resources using the name of the heritage item (remember it may have changed names).

5. Look again at the Heritage Branch web site under research and publications for further resources.

6. Useful internet resources will be your local newspaper, historical newspapers (online at Trove at the National Library).

7. Perhaps visit the local historical society (if they are open) or use their publications at the local library.

What you must include with your assignment.

1. A print out of the information on the site from the Heritage Branch State Heritage Inventory. Include this print out even if there is no information except the name and address (please just provide me with the link where you got it from the heritage branch site thanks)

2. Footnotes or references and a bibliography of information that you found on the internet, in libraries or were told by local informants. You may use the citation style that is commonly used in your degree. Harvard style is fine.

3. You should include a map that locates the item in your district.

4. You should include a picture of the item – either a current picture or an historic one you have discovered (i can do this one too if you cant find one online or anywhere)

If you have ANY questions at all please send me a message! the website for the heritage branch is – http://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au/10_subnav_07.htm

you can find examples of places/items in the research link. search any area within the hornsby district as that is my area. thanks heaps 🙂

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