Homeland Intelligence

Need a policy memorandum from the perspective of either the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Director of National Intelligence to either the intelligence community or the homeland security enterprise outlining your recommendations for either for increasing the effective use of intelligence in homeland security or improving the analysis and dissemination of homeland security intelligence to homeland security decision makers and practitioners. You MUST use appropriate references and citations (Turabian). ??.?.Scholarly formatting is important (assertion-support-summary) but the memo format is not. Do not waste time adding fancy agency letterheads etc. This is an opportunity to be creative but do not underestimate the importance of demonstrating critical thinking and precise language on this exam. Even and perhaps especially high-level policy should be well-organized and supported. Do not phone this one in. If you had one shot to get your point across to the entire homeland security and intelligence enterprise what would you say and WHY? Need to be written at the graduate level. Attach is an example format for the memorandum. ??.?.

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