Hierarchism assumes that to act together successfully in the world necessarily entails a hierarchy of command, centralised control and the institutionalization

Full title of the essay single spaced on the first page after the Essay Cover Sheet.
Journal Articles:
Argument or discussion uses a minimum of six peer-reviewed journal articles and two scholarly
books (three if also using Davidson) and all are referenced in the essay.
Page Numbers:
Pages numbers placed on top right hand corner of each page, without brackets or full stops.
Presentation & Format:
Essay type-written or word processed in 12-point font, double spaced and on one side of the page
only, with margins of at least 25mm. No plastic covers
The Harvard system of referencing used:
· (Author Year: Page) in text of essay.
· Full reference list “ not bibliography “ included at end of essay.
(refer to WRITING A GOOD ESSAY, available at the office of School of Business and Government, 6D10 &
Writing a good academic essay requires solid research, critical evaluation of theory in light of contemporary research and practice, and persuasive, well structured information or argument. Your essay should include a critical review of the relevant theories that underpin the area of management and illustrate how the theories inform your discussion or argument. It is critical that you access a range of credible academic resources in the preparation of your essay.

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