Heat Stress

A. Introduction “ explain what their topic is and why it is an important industrial
hygiene area.
B. Overview/history of the issue
a. The layout and approach for this section will depend heavily on the topic
selected by the student.
i. Everything has a history so summarize why the concern and where
are we today on this subjectii. Describe why this is important to IH
iii. Define any important terms and concepts
b. This section should include a literature review of the topic/issue. In other
words, what have others written or researched about this topic as it relates
to occupational health/industrial hygiene. Give examples of this research.
C. Summary/conclusion
a. What did you learn about this topic and how can/will you use this
information in your future employment. What are the key learning points
that you would share with your fellow students if you had to give a
D. Citation
I would like this paper to describe Heat stress effect on an Industrial hygienist, and its effect in the workplace, i hope my description is enough.

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