Health related business case

Its a health financial management assignment titled “business2500 words . Due: week 12, value 50%. Submit via vUWS Turnitin and include assignment cover sheet in the same doc.

Assignment purpose
This assessment is designed to enable students to apply the knowledge they have gained from reading the Modules and following through the Module exercises during the semester.
Students should have chosen a service they would like to implement by week 2.
The service proposed in the business case should be large enough to employ at least approximately 10 people, but not so large that there are so many cost and revenue streams that it would be unrealistic to analyse in a single assignment (a whole hospital, for example, is not possible)!
The Module Preparing a Business Case takes you through the items you will need to consider.
In preparing the budget, students should show the build up of the budget from a zero base including all significant items. For the purposes of this exercise, students should consider both an optimal budget for their service and a budget to show how the service may function if the budget were reduced by 10%.
Basically its a health services management course and they want us to prepare a budget/business case for a health related business like a ward ,nursing home etc which employs at least 10 staff.I will attach the module “preparing a business case” to give the writer a clue about the requirements and marking criteria

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