Health care system in KSA and Unprofessional behaviours

There are two essays
1) Health care system in KSA
Write an essay describing main features of health care system in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
and include your opinions and suggestions about the system’s strengths and areas to improve

2) Unprofessional behaviours

Give one case example of unprofessional behaviour, conflict from newspapers, TV, Internet or simply select a case/situation based on your actual experience
Describe main unprofessional or unethical issues in the case and write your reflections.
Submission guidelines :
1) Each essay should be written in 2 pages and a half in easy and basic english structured format (as English as second language easy structure ).
2) Evaluation of the assignments will be based on following criteria
a. Basic understanding of the topic.
b. Clarity of writing.
c. Organisation of the paper.
d. Originality of the work.
e. Signs of critical thinking and reflection on the subject.

3) In order to fulfil this, structure your assignment to start by a short introduction of the topic,
followed by discussion where references used might be cited and finally to end by a concluding paragraph.
References are to be mentioned at the end of the assignment.
At least one reference from a book or Internet site is to be used in addition to the lecture handout.

Note :
I have attached lectures handout and two Pdf books these materials must be used while writing the two assignments !

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