Health Care Policy Integration

An APA citation for the article. Be sure to indent all lines following the first one.
Complete sentences.
A summary of the article, including the major points or thesis.
Ways in which the article supports or refutes your thesis.
Your opinion of the article’s relevance or quality.
All your annotations should be an evaluative or critical review of the article.
Each annotation must have at least 150 words, using complete sentences.
Each annotation should summarize:
What is the purpose of the manuscript?
What is the main argument, thesis, or focus?
What is the point of view of the author?
What is the so what of the article?
What is your overall reaction?
Each annotation should assess:
If the content is useful, reliable, and relevant to your ideas.
The significance or value of the article.
Each annotation should reflect:
Your reactions to the article.
Your thoughts about the author’s argument, completeness in covering the topic, effectiveness, writing style, and clarity of thought.
Whether you find yourself arguing with the author.
The limitations in the author’s thesis.
The impact has the article had on your thinking.
Each annotation should connect:
The author’s ideas and the knowledge that you have gained by reading, or believing.
Similar views.
Opposing arguments.
A comparison and contrast with this reference with other sources.
Any questions that you feel are still unanswered.

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