Having reviewed the sociological issues and their relationship to health care policy, discuss what the health care priorities should be over the coming decade custom essay

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assignment topic:
Having reviewed the sociological issues and their relationship to health care policy,
discuss what the health care priorities should be over the coming decade to fix health
inequities within Australia. Focus your discussion on two issues only (eg gender, poverty,
social class, ethnicity).

assignment criteria:
1. The discussion includes an introduction to
sociological theory and its importance to
health care policy (5):
Discussion includes factors that influence
social policy (5)
Discussion includes the health inequities and health care priorities relevant to Australia(5):

Your discussion clearly orientates the reader to
sociological theory highlighting the relevance to
health care policy.
Your superior discussion includes concise well
developed discussion of relevant factors influencingsocial policy with superior construction of debate and insight of these issues.
Your well constructed discussion introduces health inequities and accurately presents the priorities relevant to health care policy well supported with literature

2. Discussion focuses on two sociological issues: eg gender, poverty, social class, ethnicity (2) and explains why these issues have been chosen (3) and how they are relevant to health care in the future. (5):

The sociological issues identified are highly appropriate to the topic.A superior, concise detailed reason is provided regarding why the chosen issue is important. The exceptional discussion details relevant explanation of how the issue is important for health care in the future.

3. Discussion links the chosen sociological issues to health care priority and how this inequity can be addressed in the future within Australia. Discussion uses current and relevant scholarly literature:

The discussion is supported by the most current and only relevant scholarly literature.
There is an exceptional critical discussion of content and the links between the issue and inequity in health care and a superior insightful vision to the future needs for health care policy in Australia.

4. Uses correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
You correctly apply the conventions of intext citation and for the reference list for the or APA referencing style:

Your essay contains no errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.
You apply all conventions of APA correctly, use direct quotation sparingly and always paraphrase effectively.
You use the correct bibliographical format for all.

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