Gun Control Custom Essay

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Analysis of the gun control policy reform Process of the United States Governance System:
Please write an analysis paper regarding a policy reform of Gun control through the lens of the separation of powers as articulated in the constitution, and as practiced in our current governance practices.
The outline provided will cue you as to essential areas of focus for this paper to consider. Please use this outline as the organization and section headings for your paper. Please review and consider the entire outline and flow of the thought process as you prepare for this paper. You may wish to add additional content and analysis where addressed in the outline. The goal here is to present a thoughtful discussion regarding the policy reform of Gun control.
Formatting Criteria: Word Doc. with 12 pt. type, double spaced, with ½ inch margins.
References are required please; a minimum of five sources (more is better) with a mix of texts, print media, journal or research, Internet resources, and the “Lanahan Readings in the American Polity” book is anticipated.
A competent paper articulating theory and practice of the U.S. ‘three branches’ of the governance system (intended as well as practiced currently) that is articulated well and supported through your citation of readings will be the focus of the evaluation process. Note this paper constitutes the final examination process and therefore demands a quality level of preparation, thought, and completion with attention to detail. Thank you.
Outline Criteria: please use this outline below as your structure, headings and sub-headings for your paper.
Title Page or Header (use of both is fine)
I. Introduction:
a) Brief Explanation of the Policy that is to be reviewed. (articulating the problem)
b) My constitutional position taken in this paper, and briefly explain why. (strict; or activist)
II. Comparative Analysis of the Branches of Government engagement in the policy being discussed.
a) Office of the President
b) Executive Bureaucracy (include analysis of departments and agencies engaged)
c) House of Representatives (include analysis of committees engaged)
d) Senate (include analysis of committees engaged)
e) Judiciary (consider level of engagement from District, Appellate and Supreme Courts
f) Analysis of Special Interests and Organizations influential in this policy debate. (consider the means of engagement across the governance system)
III. Consideration of Impacts on the policy process from the following perspectives.
a) Federal perspective.
b) States perspective.
c) Political Parties
d) Media
IV. Summary Considerations.
a) Considering the principles of responsiveness to the polity and social needs.
b) Considering the principles of efficiency and responsiveness to market and economic needs.
c) Considering this policy analysis in the context of your constitutional position (strict or activist).
d) Concluding remarks as to my proposal and position.


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