Guided critical review of a journal article custom essay

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must provide a critique of the paper:
New, N., & Bogossian, F. (2008). Nurse led clinical research: neonatal nurses’
perceptions and experiences. Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health
Nursing, 11(3), 13-18.

You must use the questions provided in this guide to critique the journal paper by New
and Bogossian (2008). When answering each question you must explain and justify
your response with reference to the research methods literature to inform your

1. Context of the paper (Total: 2 mark)

1.1 What were the aims of the study? (2 marks)

2. Research design (Total: 18 marks)

2.1 What was the design of the study? (2 marks)
2.2 Identifiy and clearly describe three key features of the research design (6 marks)
2.3 Why is the research design appropriate for the study? (10 marks)

3. Sampling (Total: 10 marks)

3.1 Who were the study participants? (2 marks)
3.2 How was the sample selected? (2 marks)
3.3 Was the sampling technique appropriate for the research design? Why/why not? (6 marks)

4. Data Collection (Total 16 marks)

4.1 How was the data collected? (4 marks)
4.2 Was the data collection method appropriate for the study question and the research design?
Why/why not? (8 marks)
4.3 How did the researchers determine the sample size? Why did they stop recruiting participants?
(4 marks)

5. Data Analysis (Total: 14 marks)

5.1 Identify and describe the data analysis? Was this appropriate? Why/why not? (8 marks)
5.2 How did the researchers ensure Rigor? (i.e. credibility, auditability, trustworthiness, fittingness)
(6 marks)

6. Ethics (Total: 8 marks)

6.1 What ethical considerations apply to this study and how are they relevant? In your answer
address ethical principals such as consent, justice, beneficence, respect. (8 marks)

7. Findings (Total: 8 marks)

7.1 What were the main findings of the study? (4 marks)
7.2 Can the study findings be used in other settings? Why/why not? (4 marks)

8. Summary (Total: 8 marks)

Using all of the information from your analysis so far, decide whether or not the results of this study
could be used to inform clinical practice or help support nurses to engage in nursing lead research.
There is no definitive right or wrong answer here. Whatever you decide, you need to justify your
decision based on the research literature. You are encouraged to synthesise your answers to the
previous questions to help with your decision but must not simply restate your previous answers. (16

9. Presentation (Total: 8 marks)

9.1 Referencing in text and in reference list conforms to APA style.(4 marks)
9.2 Correct sentence, paragraph, grammatical construction, spelling and punctuation. (4 marks)

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