Step 1- executive summery
step 2- objectives
step 3-stratigy(plan-producte servise-chanels-pricing-promotions
step 4-financals( cash flow – profit-lost-budjet-timing
step 5-recommandation
steo 6-conclusion

budget 300000 dollar aus
purchasing and sending 200000 dollar aus
the cost for one bottele from 022 cent
the sell price for one bottile 49 cent
the cost for 800000 bottels = 176000
we will sell 800000 bottels = 392000
we have plan for next year to increas our selling to 15% the total our became 450800
year 3 if we decide groth for 25% total our selling became 563500
markiting 100000 dollar aus as follow
chanels 10000
website 10000
creat page on the facebook 2000
10000 dollar for asigrn in important building in jordan
rent signs in the stadums 7000
rent sigin in airport dubai for 11000

We choose Dubi and Jordan for many cause:
and mention number the population for jordan
and number passenger dubai airport

Students form or will be formed into groups of four (depending on the size of the class) by week 3 to
undertake this project. Each group will be required to choose a public company or a high profile
company and to select an existing product or service or a new product or service that would be
aligned with the existing portfolio of products/services. This product or service is to be launched to a
new market chosen by the group. The report, to be presented to the class in week 10, is to include the
basis upon which the product and new market were chosen, sales forecasts, customer projections
and a marketing budget. The format of the presentation should be along the lines of a 15 minute
presentation to a board that will make the final decision.
Each report should contain clear and concise recommendations, supported by appropriate analysis
and information. The recommendation or recommendations should focus on the expansion of an
existing product or service in to a new market or the launch of a new product or service where it can
be shown that this is aligned with the current company strategies and portfolio of products. A sales
forecast is required that should identify the potential market, expected market penetration and the
revenue from those sales. The sales forecast should be used in creating a marketing budget. The
budget should show expected costs, revenue and resulting net return. Consideration should also be
given to return on investment, known as ROI and to considering various scenarios. It would be useful
to identify a break-even point and, as a fall-back strategy, the point at which the exercise may be
considered a failure and the product withdrawn.
The presentation should follow a logical pattern in seeking agreement to this recommended action or
change of strategy. Each group has a limited time and should seek to best utilize available resources.
Time will be allowed for questions and answers and the other members of the class will be voting on
each recommendation.
Each group will be required to submit a written report with attached financial statements at the
commencement of the presentations in the week 10 class. The written report should be approximately
3,000 words not including any financial statements or other attachments. The assessment is based
both on the written report and the presentation by the group.
It is strongly recommended that groups commence meeting as soon as possible, choosing the
company and product by week 5 and thereby providing adequate time to carry out the necessary
research and analysis. Groups may confer with the unit coordinator on their choice of company and/or
In addition to participating in the group project work, class presentation and providing a Peer
Evaluation Report, each student is required to provide a one-page report reflecting on the group
project and, in particular providing the following information:
Outlining the role the individual student played in the group project and the contribution made;
Outlining what the student has learnt from participating in this group project;
A brief summary in their own words (no more than 200 words) of the group project
This individual member report is required to be submitted in at the same time as the group report and
Student Evaluation report (12 March 6PM).
A marking guide and student evaluation form for this assessment task is provided on the following

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