Group Behaviour custom essay

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Essay – Group Behaviour (2500 words)
Type: Assignment 1
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Due Date:
10 Apr 12
Weight: 50%
Task Description:

Select one aspect of group behaviour from the range of concepts and theories considered in Modules 1-3 of the course (eg, decision making, team building, power and politics, communication, etc).
On the basis of this aspect of group behaviour, compare and contrast the functional and dysfunctional behaviours of two groups in which you have active membership.
From this examination, argue a case (ie, explain and justify your conclusions) about how and why the groups may be considered similar or different and make recommendations aimed at improving these groups’ performance.

NB – In order to best relate your work in this assignment to real life experiences, choose groups that you are currently a member of and are active within. Use your experiences to illustrate the behaviours you are describing and the points you are making.
NB – It is important to do more than describe the two groups and the aspect of group behaviour you have chosen. Rather, you are expected to argue a case for considering the groups as either similar or different with respect to the chosen aspect of group behaviour and to justify a set of recommendations aimed at removing dysfunctional behaviours and enhancing functional behaviours.

Criteria & Marking:

This assignment is about applying a selected set of concepts to the critical analysis of two groups, drawing conclusions about the ways in which these groups can be seen as similar or different and justifying a range of recommendations that will improve groups’ performance.

Your essay will be assessed against the following criteria;

Identification of the chosen aspect of group behaviour and articulation of the concepts and theories that support this aspect
Description of two groups in terms of these concepts and theories
Analysis and illustration of functional and dysfunctional behaviours of the groups in terms of these concepts and theories
Strength of the argument advanced (explanation and justification) of the similarities and differences of the groups
Strength of the argument advanced (explanation and justification) in support of recommendations.
Quality of case presented in terms of structure, coherence, language use and referenced support.

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