Greek Mythology ( Greek Myth and Homer’s Odyssey)( in Postgraduate level skills!!)

Essay Topic :

The Greek myths still illuminate universal truths and aspects of our human condition.
Choose two stories you have studied, one from the anthology and one from Homer s Odyssey, and discuss their relevance to modern life and society.


* Please refer the essay to those stories which are related to Greek mythology God, Heroes and Heroines in Ancient Greek. ( for examples, their relationships, their journey, their family trees, Trojan War, etc. )

* You need to know the Homer s Odyssey in order to writer this essay, please pick a good example from this odyssey to show the ancient Greek relevancy to the modern society.

* Give a strong introduction and conclusion

*Please be reminded that I am requesting a POSTGRADUATE level essay, this essay need to include critical thinking and show the well basic knowledge of the topic!

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