Google (Ethical Decision)

Ethical Decisions
Define one problem discussed in the case study.
Identify alternative solutions to the problem.
Evaluate the alternative solutions -using consequentialist theory, non-consequentialist theory and virtue-based theory.
Describe your decision and rationale for your decision.
Discuss how you will implement the decision.
PART B: Case Study Questions I Answer the following cose study guestions gpplYing the ethics theories
learned in the course
‘0 Was Google right to have entered the Chinese internet market the way it did? Why or why not?
+ecJ.” 0-{ v-.I:vrJ~ ,”,”vCA ~ ~,t..’) eAA~ ~~~
CD Was China ethical in their decision to implement the censorship system they developed? Why or
🙂 Describe one example of ethical behavior by Google, Inc.? Explain why this behavior is ethical.
B Describe one example of unethical behavior by Google Inc.? Explain why this behavior is
)VExPlain the recent ethical situation following Google’s entry into the Chinese market.

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