Those enthusiastic about globalisation point to its efficiency, and potential to increase innov ation, wealth and standards of living. They also argue that wealth is essential for protecting the env ironment. Critics of globalisation, on the other hand, argue that globalization today is not working for many of the world s poor, for much of the env ironment [or] for the stability of the global economy (Stiglitz, 2003, 214). How do you see globalisation: as a force for good, which assists sustainable development, or as an obstacle which makes it harder to achieve sustainable development? How did you reach your view? What role did international standards and certification, trade regimes and government regulation play in how you reached your view?
Assignments need to draw on AT LEAST eight (8) academic journal articles (or other authenticated reference sources e.g., Australian Bureau of Statistics) and should not rely on web-based material taken from sites such as Wikipedia,, etc. Students submitting work with fewer than eight (8) academic journal articles will receive a 5% deduction for each missing source. Inclusion of inappropriate referencing material will also be penalised with a 5% deduction for each inappropriate source used
YOUR ARE REQUIRED TO research and engage with concepts and problems raised in your lectures and readings and to apply them critically to the particular problem statement outlined in the assignment topic.

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