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a Business Research Report.
The key component of this report is your ability to collect and analyse primary data, either through interviews or surveys. For surveys, the use of graphs and tables is recommended as it enables you to represent your findings in a simple manner (and then discuss these in the body of the report); for interviews, the use of quotes provides support for the claims made in your data analysis – don’t string quotes together and hope that it tells the story. Instead, add your analysis and thoughts surrounding that quote.
The Business Research Report should not exceed 3,500 words and should include your topic, research question, plan and methodology of how the research was conducted, an analysis of the data and the implications your research has, as well as a conclusion. Included in the report will be a set of references.
Note: you should interview 10 people and a copy of this (interviews or surveys or mix between them)should be submit and The number of the words should not exceed 750 words.

An envisioned structure for this Business Research Report is:
Personal Information
Family Name: Personal Name:
Student number: Date of this report:
Context of this submission: Final business report
Proposed Structure:
• Executive Summary – approximately 150-200 words
• Introduction
o Topic area
o Title
o Research question
o Specific project objectives
• Review of Existing Research
• Methodology
o How did you collect the data (interviews or surveys)?
o How did you analyse the data?
• Findings
• Implications of your research
• Conclusion
• References (at least fifteen credible sources, including academic journals/conference
proceedings) – not included in the word count
All references must not be more than ten years old, unless they are classic texts such as
Porter, Maslow, Mintzberg, Friedman, Peters, Hofstede, etc.
You should use a different display methods to present the results when analyzing the information such as tables and graphs
I need work suit a master level.

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