Global Positioning System GPS; Pick a technological invention or innovation that did not exist

Assignment: 1,400 word evaluation essay. Pick a technological invention or innovation that did not exist (or did not exist in its current form) roughly twenty or thirty years ago. You may find it necessary to narrow your topic to a certain aspect of an invention. You will first explain what your invention/innovation is, what it does, and how people use it. Give a brief outline and history of its evolution. Your thesis will be an evaluative judgment regarding the merits of the object you ve chosen. You will, above all, be making an argument. Has the world (or those parts of the world which have access to such technology) been changed for the better because of its presence? For the worse? In order to properly judge, you must lay out criteria for your evaluation, which will serve as the backbone of your argument. You must define what you mean by better and/or worse.

What are the best and worst aspects of the invention? How has it benefited society? How has it changed the way we live? How has it altered human behavior and our interactions with one another? What drawbacks do you see, and what are some possible implications (positive and/or negative) for the future?

In addition, you will engage with opposing views. How do people who disagree with you see these issues, and how would you answer their objections?

Due Dates: Rough drafts are due in class for Peer Review on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH. Final drafts are due at the beginning of class on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH. Late assignments are docked 20%, and an additional 20% for each class period overdue. Any essay turned in over a week late can receive only up to 40% of the overall points (in other words, docked 60% off the top).

Sources: For Essay#1, you are required to find and draw upon at least THREE outside sources, preferably articles. Do not use Wikipedia or or,, etc. If you are unable to find adequate sources, ask for help! If you are unsure if one of your sources is scholarly enough, ASK!!

Citations: In English 200, for this essay and all others, we will using the MLA System. Important material and ideas from other sources”whether summarized, paraphrased, or quoted”should be properly cited, giving due credit to the author(s). When quoting, use appropriate signal phrases and blend the quotations into your own sentences. Your essay will use parenthetical citations that allow your readers to see the source of your ideas and how your representation of these ideas may or may not differ from the original.

Audience: You are writing for an audience of other educated adults. You can assume your teacher and other students in the class are representatives of this audience. Do not write the paper directly to your teacher or other members of the class as though you are writing a letter.

Proper Format: Page numbers, 12-point font, regular margins. Don t forget to staple or paperclip. A clean copy of your final draft, as well as early drafts and peer review sheets, should be included in your folder. Any essay turned in without a Works Cited page will be docked ten percent off the top.

Peer Review: If you miss Peer Review Day, the points can be made up by including, with your final draft, two Peer Review sheets that have been filled out by other students or friends. (Peer Review sheet will be posted on Blackboard.) In addition, students who miss Peer Review Day must include in their folder a one-page double-spaced self-reflection letter. Use this space to detail the process of writing and discuss the changes you made from the completion of your rough draft to the completion of your final draft, as well as any problems or snags you encountered along the way.

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