Global Marketing

First of all, We have chosen INNOCENT DRINKS to be our product.
We did a group report and group presentation, however, we have got (D) in overall, so our work is not good at all.
You will find the assessment brief and our group presentation and also our report been attached for you.
Also you will find 7 Presentations which is 7 chapters, from this chapters you should do my work and choose the strategy.

I need plan for this work as soon as possible (next 12 hours) to know about what u will do in this report and I will ask my teacher about it.

this is an email been sent by the course leader about this report – it is Very Very Very Very important:

Dear all

Mohammed suggested that I write to you all to clearly identifuy and direct you to where you can find the information about the sections to go in this report.
Below at each of the bullet points I have noted the chapter from the Global Marketing Management text by Lee and Carter which is core to this module. Can you refer to this text to direct you in ansdwering the questions below. please make sure that you do not cut an past the text from it but that you adapt it and customise it around your selecetd orgainsation or product.
Using the organisation or product that you selected in assessment 1you have now to write a strategic market entry plan to launch the organisation or product in to the selected market.
Your plan needs to cover the following areas
Market entry- what is the market entry strategy that would be most appropriate for the organisation or product in the international market. Justify this selection. Chapter 6
Marketing mix-adaptation or standardisation of each element and what would the specific changes, if any, be. Chapters7,8,9,10,11 and 12
Suggested organisation structure for managing the international operations and justify why this is the most appropriate Chapter 18
Give a critical review of how logistics and supply chain would play a large part in the success or otherwise of this operation. Chapter 11
Hope this helps

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