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Body one : The Importance of Eng language and Inequality …….
Many Arabic Scholars and writers draw a great attention to the importance of Learning English Language
Learning English Lang. is consider a key to different cultures and notions in the age of Global English
In many Arabic or Middle East countries, Eng. has been intruded in all life fields such in technology, commerce, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.
That forces the individual to learn English so the one cannot feel excluded from the global world. However, according to language policies In Saudi Arabia English is still to be in the expanding circle which include countries that teach English in schools as a foreign language (Tollefson, 2000, p.6). But I think In my country we do have some institutions where English language plays a major role such as Aramco, Saudi Airlines and Saudi oil and gas companies.

Inequality between Eng educators and non Eng educators in Saudi Arabia (social, political and economic inequalities)
More high job opportunities for English educators
High status among other individuals
Eg. My cousine born and lived in America for 18 years and when he comeback to Saudi, he found a high job in Aramco* with high status and income
In a time which is not easy for anyone to get this job in these days.
This company prefer to choose my 20 years cosine to other applicants because he is a native speaker with regardless of others’ age, experience, level of education or their fluent Saudi variety of English.

This shows the power of inequality among all speakers of English (Tollesfson, 2000, p.2)

Body Two : The Effect of Eng. language on Muslims and Arabic world
I want you to argue that English has a great effect on Muslims and Arabic countries.
English Import western culture into TESOL learning classes in reading (Ahmar Mahboob)

lots of argues in readings:
1. Ahamar Mahboob
2. Sohail Karmani ”English, ‘Terror’, and Islam”
3. Manka M. Varghese
4. Islam, English and 9-11 by Sohail Karmani and Pennycook
5. ”Goog Muslims Speak English” by Sohail Karmani

Conclusion: strong end
References: Limited to the attached references.
Please I need a strong argue and evidence
and I need only the references that have been attached with the order
The teacher needs the References in APA style

That’s all
Thank u ..

Subject Outline

Assignment 1:
Assignment 1 is designed to help you understand and digest issues that arise in the first module. In an essay of about 2000 words, choose one of the themes from the first module and discuss in relation to a context with which you are familiar. Topics include (but are not limited to): Linguistic imperialism,¨English and globalization, advantages and disadvantages of the global spread of English, language death and language rights, English and religion, English and call centres.
The main goal of this assignment is on the one hand to show a good understanding of the key issues and readings in the first module, and on the other to be able to relate this to some context with which you are familiar. You can choose what to focus on and how best to balance the personal, local and general. Lin et al s (2002) approach is a good example of an approach using personal backgrounds, and the article by Tajima (2010) is one that was developed from an earlier version of this assignment. Further details about the assignment, as well as examples, can be found Online

Other important notes:

1. Referencing: I would like to request students use the APA referencing guide as it is one I am most familiar with and can mark easily.

2. Proofreading: Please check thoroughly for proofreading (i.e. punctuations, spelling, editing etc).
3. Word Count: Please aim at staying within the 2000 word count [excluding references]. I will not read texts over the 2200 word mark.
4. Plagiarism: Please check the guidelines for this in your Subject Outline.

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