Genetics: Family History and Risk Assessment Case Study

I honestly don t know how long this will be but I m sure you will keep me informed. This week (March 11th-18th) is spring break and this is due the week after I get back. I wanted to go ahead and upload to let you prepare and overview the readings as necessary. I will be doing one of the case studies as a group with several other members. I will let you know possibly Sunday or Monday how the group will be set up and what will be my part in it. I will upload some materials now. I will keep you informed back and forth on the progress and you will have more than a week to do this assignment.

Below is a note from my instructor:

A few reminders. Your references for this assignment should be current, meaning that they are no more than 5 years old unless they are established classic articles. Please also use primary references. I will mark off for secondary references.

If you don”t think that the Surgeon General”s tool provides the level of detail that you want in a pedigree, feel free to create your own or use another pedigree program.

I am a stickler for good writing…in your responses to questions and in your mini-manuscript. Please play close attention to my writing tips, that I have attached again here.

Best regards

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