Gender, Crime and Violence

Assessment criteria
1. Evidence of further research and the accuracy and relevance of that research
2. Synthesis and presentation of research findings
3. Clarity of written expression
4. Logical and clear structure
5. Correctly formatted citations and bibliography

For this assessment, you are asked to imagine that you are a policy advisor to an advisory council tasked to advise the Federal Government in matters relating to gender, crime and violence. The Council has asked you to submit a detailed 1500 word report pertaining to one of the three following issues (please select one):
1. Men killing their children in the context of custody disputes
2. The participation of girls in gangs in Australia
3. Sexual harassment and assault in the Australian military
Your report should be structured as follows: (a) Under the title of your report, you should provide five dot points summarising the main points of your report, followed by (b) a brief introduction to the issue, (c) A brief discussion of a case study drawn from media reports, (d) A discussion of three criminological theories (not psychological theories) that address or explain the issue, and (e) a brief conclusion summarising your findings on the matter.
Section (a) should consist of no more than five sentences presented as dot points. Sections (b), (c) and (e) should be between 100-200 words each. The majority of your report will be focused on section (d). The aim of your report is to present to the committee a concise but detailed summary of the available information and explanations on this issue so that they can decide how to respond to the matter appropriately. It should be well-written, easy to read and informative. In particular, the five dot points provided at the beginning of the report should summarise your main findings so that a time-strapped reader, such as a politician, does not have to read the entire report to understand it.
Your bibliography should contain no fewer than eight different sources and a well-written report will have considerably more than this. Since most of the report involves summarising research, you should be citing very frequently throughout the document (at least once a paragraph and preferably every two or three sentences). Lectures and textbooks from other subjects must not be cited and marks will be deducted for this. Marks will also be deducted where students cite Wikipedia, or other spurious online sources. Links to online news reports are permitted in relation to the case study section.

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