Galileo — a leader of scientific revolution (tentative) Custom Essay

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What was the position of the sixteenth-century Church regarding science, and why the Church so threatend by Galileo’s discoveries and writings? In the “Letter to the Grand Duchess,” Galileo carefully defends his right to continue publishing the results of his scientific work. Explain how he aproaches his defense. Which of our past authors do you think would have affirmed Galileo’s work, and why? (I sugest using here Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther. Aquinas was known for harmonizing faith and reason and Luther was saying that pop is not the only one who can interpret the bible.) It is an argumentation essay. You’re asked to work with three authors: analyzing and comparing them and then offering your own insightful criticism. Writer must be knowledgible/familiar with Galileo’s original works “the starry messenger” and ” letter to the Grand Duchess Christina. ALso must have read Thomas Aquinas “Politics and Ethics”, and Martin Luther’s “Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Concerning the Reform of the Christian Estate”

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