Foster social development in early childhood


Detail the following. you need to include at least 2 theories.
you are the director of a new service . The staff is very keen and have what you feel is a good mix of young and more mature staff and all have some formal training.

The philosophy includes encouraging positive self esteem and self concepts, assisting children with expressing feelings, acceptance of difference, choice and encouraging soical interactions

Each rooms needs to be organized in such a way as the to reflect the service’s phillosophy and to promote of a rang of social skils and the staff have asked you for assistance. Disccus how this impacts on the children’s social choice, responsibility for action, needs, capability, co- operation, self-expression, conflict resolution, social skils

The room are 0-18mth, 1.5-3yr, and 3-5yrs. you also cater for a number of children in after hours care ( 8-12chn- aged 6-11 yrs- mostly boys)

Devise suitable strategies for each rooms keeping the philosophy in mind and your goals. Use the theorists ( your choice) to guide your decision – note their relevance or not. you will need to design the layout of each room, making what special accommodations you have made to allow for the social interactions and strategies to promote the supports the children’s social skills.

Remember to include strategies for transition times as well as throughout the day document your theorists and how and why they fitted into your planns.

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