Fordism and Post-Fordism

1. Outline the difference between Fordism and Post-Fordism from the standpoint of production and the labour process and critically assess the shifting position of workers in these paradigms.
2.“Is ‘Occupy’ a social movement? If so, why? If not, why not?

That’s exam questions. please answer the questions 3 pages each. no references here.

Exam Technique
Look at the questions and decide which ones to do
Ask yourself, what exactly is the question asking you?
Underline all of the major concepts and terms, jot down some definitions immediately. Are there any concepts or terms that are controversial or opposed to one another? Will a discussion of the concept form the very centre of your discussion or is it ancillary?
Write a brief summary of your overall answer/argument
Write an essay plan
Have three main points
Do not simply state your opinions or beliefs, make your argument, explain your reasoning and substantiate it
Provide analysis and show critical thinking (not just description)
Define and explain all concepts used (it helps to underline key words in the question to make sure you don’t overlook them)
Leave out everything that is not directly relevant to the question (i.e. don’t put in everything that you know about a topic, only what helps you make your argument/answer the question)
Use the literature, embed your answer within existing arguments and positions. How does what you want to say relate to what others before you have said?
Have a few citations and authors to refer to (dates of major publications are useful, you don’t need to memorise page numbers)
Spend 15 minutes planning and 35 minutes writing (this gives you time to re-read your work in the end)
Around 4/5 pages for an overall answer is sufficient (but this is an estimate and also depends on your hand writing!)
Spend an equal amount of time on each question
Allow 15 minutes at the end to check and re-read your work
Stay for the whole duration of the exam

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